Door Slab  Track Length Fit Opening Width Clearance Floor Minimum Clearance  ceiling 
Inside jam to wall minimum
30"W x 84"H 72" Width ≤28" 73” 90" 34 3/8"
36"W x 84"H 79" Width ≤34" 80" 90" 40 3/8"
42"W x 84"H 83" Width ≤40" 84" 90" 46 3/8"

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<Space-Saving>The barn door combines traditional and contemporary styles, making it a great space-saving solution compared to a traditional swing door. It adds character and unique charm to any room and is a popular way to bring innovation into the home while closing off the bedroom and side room in a stunningly unique way.

<Best Choice>Barn doors are an integral part of home design, and upgrading or adding doors to your home can increase its value. Our stile and rail doors feature vertical stiles and horizontal rails and are both reliable and reasonably priced.